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bb_bb=Bulletin Board bb_welcomebb=Welcome to your Bulletin Board! bb_currently=There is currently bb_thereis=There is bb_categoriessize=categorie(s) in this bulletin board. bb_category=Category bb_categoryname=Category Name

bb_topic=Topic bb_topics=Topics bb_createdby=Created By bb_lastmessageon=Last Message On bb_inreplyto=In Reply To bb_by=By bb_actions=Actions

bb_nomessageyet=No message yet. bb_deletecategory=Delete this Category bb_addnewcategory=Add a new category bb_nameofcategory=Name of your category bb_addcategory=Add this category

bb_enternamecategory=Please enter a name for this category: bb_enterdescriptioncategory=Please enter a description for this category: bb_thereis=There is bb_topicsundercategory=topic(s) filed under this category. bb_deletethiscategory=Delete this category.

bb_reallydeletecategory=Do you really want to delete this category? bb_deletecategorydefinitely=CLICK HERE TO DELETE THIS CATEGORY DEFINITELY bb_deleteddocs=The following document(s) will be deleted: bb_adminrightsrequired=Admin rights are required to perform this action. bb_startedon=Started On

bb_messages=Messages bb_lastauthor=Last Author bb_lastpost=Last Post bb_topicdelete=Delete this Topic bb_addnewtopic=Add a new topic

bb_addthistopic=Add this topic bb_topictitle=Title of your topic bb_canceldeletion=CANCEL THE DELETION OF THIS CATEGORY bb_postforthe=Posts for the bb_inthe=in the

bb_bbrssdescription=New posts, topics and categories from this bulletin board. bb_categoryrssdescription=This feeds lists every modification made to one of this category's topics. bb_entertopictitle=Please enter a title for this topic: bb_entertopicdescription=Please enter a quick description of this topic (optional) : bb_entertopiccontent=You can be the first to post a message on this topic: bb_cannotedittopic=You cannot edit a topic once you have chosen to create it.

bb_messagesintopic=message(s) in this topic. bb_author=Author bb_postedon=Posted on bb_deletethistopic=delete topic bb_deletethismessage=delete message

bb_post=Post bb_postmessage=Post a message: bb_postyourmessage=Post your message bb_administration=Bulletin Boards Administration bb_welcomeadmin=Welcome to your Bulletin Boards Administration Console. bb_bbsize=Bulletin Board(s) in this wiki.

bb_creationdate=Creation Date bb_creator=Creator bb_deletebb=Delete this Bulletin Board bb_titleofbb=Title of your Bulletin Board bb_addnewbb=Add a new Bulletin Board

bb_addbb=Add this Bulletin Board bb_bbs=BulletinBoard bb_deletethisbb=Delete this Bulletin Board bb_deletebbdefinitely=CLICK HERE TO DELETE THIS BULLETIN BOARD DEFINITELY bb_reallydeletebb=Do you really want to delete this bulletin board ?

bb_entertitlebb=Please enter a title for your bulletin board: bb_enterdescriptionbb=Please enter a description for your bulletin board: bb_cancelbbdeletion=CANCEL THE DELETION OF THIS BULLETIN BOARD bb_infocreatenewbb=Your new bulletin board will be created in its own space. bb_quotemessage=quote this message

bb_bbcodespace=Bulletin Board Application Code bb_bbcodespaceexplanation=All the code lines used in the Bulletin Board application are stored in this space. You can have access to various resources concerning your Bulletin Board application here. Be creful when editing those pages though :-) bb_examplebb=This Bulletin Board is included by default with the application to show how it works : bb_goexamplebb=Go to the example Bulletin Board bb_adminbbactions=Bulletin Board Administration

bb_createnewbbs=Go to this page to create & manage your bulletin boards : bb_adminbb=Bulletin Board Administration Page bb_changelookbbs=Go to this page to change the look & feel of your Bulletin Board (CSS Experts only) bb_skinbbs=Bulletin Board Skin Page bb_changetranslationsbb=Go to this page to edit the languages resources of your Bulletin Board bb_translationsbb=Bulletin Board Translations Page

bb_bbcode=List of code pages used by the Bulletin Board Application bb_bbrssfeeds=Pages used to create the Bulletin Board Application RSS Feeds bb_needloginmessage=You need to be logged in to add a new message. bb_needlogintopic=You need to be logged in to add a new topic.

bb_apanelisavailable=A panel is available for your Bulletin Boards. bb_bbpanel=Go to the Bulletin Board Panel Page bb_usepanelwizard=You can use the Panel Wizard to display it. bb_gotopanelwizard=Go to the Panel Wizard

bb_topictags=Topic filed under: bb_categorytags=Category filed under: bb_bbtags=Bulletin Board filed under: bb_tagcloud=Tag Cloud bb_tag=Tag

bb_tagresults=Results for the bb_pagename=Page Title bb_pagetype=Page Type bb_editedon=Edited On bb_backtobb=Back to the Bulletin Board Home bb_topiccategory=Topic Category: